There has been much hype about just opened South Street, being the brainchild of Amaris Jones + Amir Ben Zion and all.  Johnny Boy was wondering how even super restauranteur Ben Zion could open not just 1 (Cooper Avenue) but 2 restaurants within a month, so I had to stop by opening night just to see.

Walking into South Street is like being transported into a simpler time, think NYC in the 60's.  The design is eloquently done, with beautiful lighting on top of the bar and lush booths that were of course reserved. An upstairs bar and outdoor smoking area lend to the 'coolness' factor here, the perfect addition to the Design District.

The menu itself was surprisingly extensive, but i honed in on 2 things:  the Catfish Fingers as a starter and the Fried Chicken as my main.  As many of you know, I am somewhat OBSESSED with fried chicken, I've eaten it in almost every state, and country around the world, so I consider myself somewhat of a "fried chicken snob".

The Catfish came delicately breaded with what seemed like a homemade tartar sauce.  The flavors were subtle yet satisfying, and if I can say, perfectly fried.  Now onto the Fried Chicken.  GOD D*MN...I say GOD D#MN!!! that had to of been some of the best fried chicken I've had in years.  It was perfectly crispy on the outside without being overly breaded, with soft juicy meat on the inside.  I mean i literally slid the meat off the bone, that's how tender it was(insert gay joke here, hehe). My dinner companion, that never eats fried foods, or even meat that often, ate an entire piece AND took some home.  Apparently Neo-Soul food means DELICIOUS.

I have to give Amaris Jones props as she is ALSO the chef in the kitchen, preparing her family's recipes to share to the world.  Kudos to you girl, Johnny Boy gives you 'two pinkies up'.  The reason I'm raving about this place is not just because the food is delectable, but the staff is on the ball: attentive and super nice, my waiter even brought me the most satisfying red velvet cupcakes when i made a joke that that's the only dessert i eat (this wasn't even on the menu, i still can't figure out where he got it from).  South Street has definitely brought a new benchmark in service to Miami, something that is desperately needed. Take note Restaurant Owners, check out South Street and learn how your staff should be.

Sidenote:  There are no images of food because I was too busy eating and just forgot