Photo Credits:  The Federal Miami

OMG!!!  How did it become National Fried Chicken Day and I was not aware, I didn't even know this day there a National Chicken Wing Day?  If you don't know already, I am OBSESSED with Fried Chicken..fried soft / fried hard / double deep fried.  There is nothing more indulgent then biting into a perfectly crisp drumstick with moist warm meat on the inside (porn alert)

In honor of this day, I'm going to tell you my secret place to get the most addictive fried chicken...some will disagree...many won't...but all will utter this after trying it: "Bitch Don't Touch My Wings". I know fried chicken has become a 'fancy' food, you can find them on menu's such as Yardbird, Gigi's, and The Federal (image above is their fried chicken with tart slaw, watermelon, chiles, and kumquat syrup).  All three of these restaurants are my FAVORITE places to get my fried filling, but sometimes you just need to grab a bucket, some watermelon + biscuits, and watch reality television.

Enter the Publix 20 piece Hot & Spicy Wings.  They are spicy, delicately moist, perfectly breaded, and come with their own takeaway package for convenience.  I suggest everyone run out today and try them, but don't get the ones sitting underneath the lamps, ask the lovely ladies in back to fry you up a pack fresh...if you get them as many times as I do, the minute you walk up they'll know what you want 🙂 Enjoy!