Oh why oh why do people keep on disappointing Johnny Boy.  As you may know, I LOVE reality television...anything from The Bad Girls Club to 16 and Pregnant to The Real World to Basketball Wives, I love them all.  I like to think I universally adore anyone that has low self esteem + a need to be loved cause it's just fun to feel better about yourself. 

Think back to the last time you were depressed, sad, or unmotivated...NOW try to remember the last time your ex was some scheming gold digging hoe that has a show debuting in the coming month and the "buzz" isn't so hot, so there's a really bad report on some violence that doesn't add up, and you get fired from your job cause of it, all of it public! 

No longer Depressed or Sad?  Well I am...I relied on believing my life was as dramatic, as sad, as worthy of a country song...but alas, i've realized after watching all these shows...that it's FAKE - Yes i'm talking to you Mob Wives Chicago.  I mean where is the humanity anymore?  how do you FAKE a Reality {FAKE} show?  Who can Johnny Boy follow to feel better? How did they get worse then The Catalina?

Side Note:  Tami, call me girl, I'm in Miami!!!