Photo Credits: Mavrix Online

The Catalina...I just finished watching the first season and feel a bit dirty, a bit stupider, and a whole lot of insulted.  Let me begin by saying that I love watching reality shows, the Good (Bad Girls Club), the Bad (Bad Girls Club), and the Ugly (Bad Girls Club).  You can tell which one is my favorite and I'll tell you why.  All the girls on BGC are looking for their 15 minutes of fame or spinoff...but those bitc#%s are real, their personalities are over the top, fueled by alcohol and probably some extra-curricular activities, but they have emotion, heart, a sort of slutty je ne sais pas. I would totally hang with some of those chicas.

The cast of The Catalina have none of those, and worse, it seems like they are lying directly to our faces:  fake emotions / fake hearts / fake sluttiness.  Reality TV has overtaken our airwaves not because there is a lack of quality programming or actors / actresses, rather the voyeuristic side of our society has grown due to the growth of the internet and immediate access to information.  To dumb it down:  We as a public love to watch the trials and tribulations of our fellow man, revel in their shortcomings, and applaud their accomplishments (rarely).

Johnny Boy wants to SMACKDOWN The Catalina for disappointing my voyeuristic nature.  Instead of hoping to watch and feel for the boys + girls in the show, I want to pay them to go to acting school cause god knows that's what they are probably hoping for: a real acting job.  Good luck can buy publicity from the show, but you can't buy talent.  To be fair, what these characters lack in talent, they more then make up for in drive, it takes a strong willed person to put their lives in the limelight for their for that one aspect, i give them all (NOT the show) 'Two Pinkies Up'.

Side Note:  Nathan’s striped shorts (center) are adorable, and I have the same pair.  They are the Standard Hotel x Quiksilver Board Shorts…great way to support the competition!!!