Gossip #1:  Humberto and Fernando Campana, better known as The Campana Brothers are my #1 Design Brothers Duo.  I remember back in my design days, coming across their pieces for Italian furniture giant Edra, and their collaborations with Murray Moss in NYC (remember the teddy bear chairs).  Well, Johnny Boy has gotten confirmation they are coming back down for ABMB this year, with a new collaboration with Reed Krakoff. Details are vague but this should definitely be one exhibition / opening to attend.

Gossip #2:  (RED) is officially coming down to hold their Sotheby's auction in honor of World Aids Day.  The auction + after-party won't be held on the official day, but during ABMB...with powerhouses such as Bono behind this, this is going to be a HUGE moneymaker for their cause + the celeb / art world darlings quotient will be off the hook.  Johnny Boy hears the star power of the participating artist donating their pieces will rival even the best collections in town.  Expect it to be held in one of Miami's 'Starchitect' buildings.

Stay tuned for updates