My babies are finally home...I just received them back (they were on a vacation for a couple of years) but they missed daddy so much they circled back around.  I absolutely fell in love with the Bouroullec Brothers Cloud bookcase for Cappellini years ago while at Luminaire and had to have I did. We were a close family until i left for Paris, unfortunately they didn't want to come so they decided to stay and travel within the US.  I left them in good hands as they don't look a day older from when i left them.  The BB are super talented, my second favorite design brothers duo, only behind the Campana brothers (Hola Humberto + Fernando).  If you look to the right, you'll also see the BB Algue from Vitra, which i carried back all the way from Basel, Switzerland.  Definitely design brothers duo are the SHIZZLE!