Photo Credits:  Lucile Barrouillet

My dear friend Dani Morla is the epitome of Parisian Chic...Always looking smart + classy and has an enviable job that everyone wants:  He is in charge of Public and Press Relations for La Clique and Le Baron.  If you have never heard of the group or their clubs / bars, see below...they own everything super hip / fun / styling worldwide:

I met Dani years ago in Paris and instantly clicked, I think because we were both trolling for guys and drinking our way through the City of Lights 🙂  Since moving back to Miami, I see him sporadically, but always during Art Basel Miami Beach, where he is the Gatekeeper to the Le Baron Pop-Ups, along with his counterpart and fave girl of mine Chi-Chi (Future SSA)!  

Dani is wearing Persol glasses, a Thomsen Paris shirt, Acne trousers, APC belt, Miu Miu loafers, Prada bag, Vintage 70's Rolex, and 'lucky charms' from family and friends, caught on his way to the La Clique offices in Paris. Tres Chic!!!

Piece of advice during Art Basel Miami Beach:  Don't call his name when your waiting outside of Le Baron, he WILL ignore you. Be patient, he'll find you if he wants!