Photo Credits:  Cheryl Dunn

Some couples make you nauseous cause they're so cute together...and some couples make you nauseous cause they're just so pretty...and then there are those special ones that make you so jealous that you want to go out and buy an illegal gun off the street and track them down and wipe them out'll just make you feel better.

Enter Claire Darrow, the VP of Creative for AB Hotels, and her Model / Photographer husband Chris Mosier (your already nauseous from their titles, I know). She is wearing Isabel Marant Etoile and Chris is wearing APC at the Boom Boom Room for Chaka Khan's Party.  You are probably wondering why you can't see their's because they're so damn pretty, the light would blind you on your computer 🙂

I do love them both, and remember when I met them:, i was like, damn bitc$#s! but after getting to know them, I realized their physical beauty was second to the passion and drive they have on the inside.  He recently shot bodyboarder Mark Cunnigham for Surfer's Journal, and she is publishing a new Standard Press Book with JR and Jose Parla on their recent Havana Project (Look for it this coming Art Basel Miami Beach), and spending more time in Marylebone to be exact...can anyone guess why???

SIDE NOTE:'s your friend Jamee 🙂