It's on bitc$%s.  Johnny Boy has uncovered similar postings on both Refinery 29 + Eater Miami on the best desserts in town, on the same day:  August 1st.  The sketchy ass thing is that FIVE of the desserts are the same (with a bonus sixth for the same dessert but different restaurant), and both notate that a "staff writer" covered it. Seriously, there aren't better desserts in Miami / Miami Beach then the ones listed? I would bet my Powerball ticket that the writer(s) didn't even try half of them!!

I have experienced most of them, and they are DELICIOUS, but there are alot of other desserts that were not even uncovered.  If there are two independent writers in a town with hundreds of restaurants serving dessert, how did their palates agree on at least five of the same ones?  If you decide to title your posting as "epic" or "to-die-for", then I WANT just that...not something I can read in any travel guide or Miami website:

Pie in the Jar at Michael's GenuinePie at the DutchBaked Alaska at Michy'sChocolate Delight at Icebox Cafe

Key Lime Pie at Joe's Stone Crab (aren't they closed for season?)

+too similar to ignore, the "Macarons" as they're not native to Miami

If Johnny Boy had to judge, the winner would go to Refinery 29 for doing their research and featuring desserts from places like Om Nom Nom and Atelier Monnier;  Sorry Eater Miami, your places are too generic, and why is No. 2 Icebox Cafe + No. 5 Sosta notated that they're located at the Apple Store??? did Apple (last I knew they were at 738 Lincoln) start serving Pizza + Chocolate? Are your editors / writers even in Miami? I expect more from you, your sister site Curbed Miami is the sh*t with articles such as modernist preservation, so your standards should be higher!!!

Side Note:  Miami is a small town and Johnny Boy is watching + reading, I suggest you bring your "A" game