As many of you may know, Johnny Boy is obsessed with alot of things...modern art...fried chicken men...but you may NOT know that I am a closeted Flywheel / Flybarre devotee.  Yes, you heard me, i'm coming out of the closet!!!  The obsession began in November, when my friend invited me to try out a Flywheel class, I remember walking out of there dripped in sweat, vowing never to return.  

Cue 4 months later, and my obsession has only grown to include Flybarre.  I have never been a big fan of working out (my idea was going to the gym and socializing), so you can imagine all my friend's wondering why I was really going.  They all thought I was either obsessed with a hot instructor there or it's a secret fried chicken front (neither was true).  I simply liked the club atmosphere, the music, the way my body was changing (cause you know little ol me ain't a spring chicken anymore), and the great instructors, which I've listed below:

Flywheel:  Dwayne or AleahFlybarre:  Aileen or Sue

Until April 30th, Flywheel / Flybarre is offering your first class for free and 10% off 10-pack purchases, I suggest everyone try it once, come to the 9:30 classes, i'm always seat 46 🙂  Click HERE to signup for your first free class, and don't forgot to put in the promocode FLYPRIDE if you decide to purchase a 10-pack.