Photo Credits:  Nan Goldin

I love children, I really do...the way they hold your hand while walking down the street...the way they smile at you when you walk into the room, but the most important reason I love children is because I have the opportunity to give them back once I'm finished with them.  Ok, that sounds a bit harsh, but it's the truth. When I go visit my nieces and nephews, we have the best time shopping, watching Dora the Explorer, playing games on the ipad, etc., but when they start getting tired and cranky, I say my goodbyes and head home to watch Bad Girls Club 🙂  The crying, running around hitting things, and temper tantrums are enough to make Johnny Boy go cuckoo!

As Johnny Boy is no ogre who hates children, Smackdown #2 is not for the children, but rather the parents who let their children run around with no regard to anyone in their path.  I was at the doctor's office this week waiting for my annual checkup and there was a 2 year old running around on a rampage.  He was going up to everyone, grabbing their shoes, trying to run through the door to the office as people entered, and throwing water everywhere.  Yes, I understand, he is 2 years old...but his mother just sat there and watched him do this and would only yell across the room for him to stop. She didn't get up, didn't attempt to stop him, but she was busy texting away.

Johnny Boy would loooove to SMACKDOWN all the parents out there that do not take responsibility for their children.  Please heed my advice: if you're tired or just not in the mood to deal with your child's temper tantrums, STAY AT HOME and deal with have a long road ahead of you!!!!  Do not subject everyone else to your unruly child or I will have to put your child in a "Time Out" (see above image) and then slap the SH*# out of you!