Johnny Boy is ecstatic that Girl Scout Cookie Season begins tomorrow.  Yes, I am the biggest fan of these fat laden, sugary, addictions, and mark my calendar every year for the start of the season.  I know everyone has their favorite cookie, but I am always torn between the Do-si-dos (left) or the Samoas (right).

The Samoas is a crispy chewy cookie covered in toasted coconut, and striped with chocolate and caramel while the Do-si-dos is a peanut butter filled oatmeal sandwich cookie. Only a (inappropriate dammit, BAD BAD Johnny Boy, this is a children's posting) is better 🙂  

According to the Miami New Times Short Order, they are offering a new cookie this year called the Mango Creme Cookie, which is supposed to be better for you because it contains Nutrifusion and "sounds like a winning cookie for our body-conscious city", but Johnny Boy did his research and discovered the new cookie has 20 more calories, double the saturated fat, and more carbs then the Do-si-dos...granted it has more vitamins (from concentrate), but come on, you can get that from one apple (yes i know there is a 2g discrepancy, but not enough to make a difference): 





So I say stick with the classics, but support the Girl Scout's.  In the Miami area you can find these delicious cookies (for a limited time) at: 

Publix - 9050 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami Shores

Publix - 1100 6th Street, Miami Beach

Publix - 14601 South Dixie Highway, Miami

O-Gee Paint - 6995 Bird Road, Miami