God how I miss Garbage Pail Kids.  I used to walk with my brothers to Arbor Drugs and get them in bulk, always trying to get Adam Bomb (pictured above) with his twin Blasted Billy...the undisputed kings of GPK.  This never happened, but the disgusting factor kept me intrigued and in love with these cards.  I'm going to document my favorite ones below:

My brother's loved this card...I think it's ok, not the nastiest though

This one is whimiscal..but on the Nasty Scale, barely breaks a '5'

This is just disturbing on so many levels

Finally we're getting there, this receives an '8' on my Nasty Scale 

Nasty Scale:  '9'  No comment needed for this one, I mean look inside the closet

We have reached our '10' on the Nasty Scale.  At first glance, it looks as though Brady is just a sloppy kid, but look closely..he's eating his own ribs.  That is just disgusting and disturbing at the same time...whomever came up with this card must contact Johnny Boy immediately.  I have to know what was in your mind when you created this card...I'm slightly scared, but super captivated.

Garbage Pail Kids receive 'Two Pinkies Up' from Johnny Boy!!!