Photo Credits:  David’s Cafe

The quintessential ideal of a perfect Miami morning or night always includes David's Cafe.  I remember when I was visiting Miami Beach to party during college with friends...we always ended a long, drunken + *$(# fueled night out with the Media Noche sandwich and tostones + black beans from David's.  When I finally made the move from NYC to Miami, David's was a main-staple of sustenance for me on Lincoln Road as it was across from Miss Yip Chinese Cafe (the original one), and that's pretty much all i ate when i moved here:  Chinese + Cuban food was all I needed to eat, if they were combined, as La Nueva Rampa was in NYC, I would have been in heaven.

Fast forward almost 9 years since i've been in and out of Miami, and news broke that David's Cafe is closing on Lincoln due to elevated rents + landlord issues.  Instead of tackling the problems with Lincoln Road, the gentrification, etc., i'm going to address only the positive's of this closing.  The bottom line is that the closing of David's Cafe on Lincoln Road should really have no bearing on their loyal patrons, or the vacationing party boys / girls, families, Pinecrest rich kids, Russian oligarchs from Aventura...and the list goes on and on...because of one simple thing:  The original David's Cafe, after the recent renovation, is better then ever, and I confirmed will remain open at 11th and Collins Avenue (above image).  The only problem that we all may have is trying to get a seat at this space, especially at the lunch buffet where my fata*% loves to attack the ribs 🙂