GOSSIP #1:  Swarovski Crystal Palace is back this year with an incredible 'ice halo' architectural installation titled 'Parhelia', meaning "Beside the Sun" in Greek, by Asif Khan.  This is Swarovski's seventh installation debuted at Design Miami, and promises to be one of the best, just looking at the invitation.  As usual form, the FAB Nadja Swarovski will be hosting a dinner celebrating the collaboration at the Delano's new Bianca.  Now many of you may be asking why isn't the Swarovski dinner at Soho Beach House as it has been every year before?  Has Nadja found a new favorite Italian restaurant in Miami?  or is it because the next gossip piece seems to be taking over Tuesday night at SBH?


GOSSIP #2:  This is the unofficial Bash to kick off Art Basel Miami Beach for the past couple of years, hosted by Jay Joplin and Nick Jones at the Soho Beach House.  It's back this year, the White Cube Party, always the place to meet all your peeps in town and compare notes on what artists your looking to buy, what dinners you were invited too, and who that hot guy at the front desk was 🙂

GOSSIP #3:  Pin-Up Magazine, along with Handsome Felix Burrichter, Glenn Pushelberg & George Yabu, better known as design darlings Yabu Pushelberg will be hosting a dessert reception for the new issue, No. 13 and honoring Canadian Hottie Philippe Malouin, the winner of the 2012 W Hotels Designers of the Future Award. This party will have a special musical performance by Lauren Devine at the private residence of the design darlings, and of course, one of Johnny Boy's favorites, the Adorable Lorenzo Martone, helped bring it all together.  I mean, having Felix, Philippe, and Lorenzo in one room is like a dream (gangbang) come true 🙂