GOSSIP #1:  Cultured Magazine, the creative print version of Design Miami, is hosting not 1 but 2 dinners this year, the first being hosted by HARRY WINSTON, yeah you heard me right Bit*hes, Harry mother fuc*#ing Winston and Olatz Schnabel (yes, the ex), at a private home in honor of the FAB Marianne Goebl, Director of Design Miami.  

PART DEUX:  The second dinner (2 days later) will be at the Webster with super cool gallery R20th Century. Johnny Boy cannot wait to see the new issue of Cultured, and is wondering will the fab Kyle DeWoody (above image) be at the dinners?  Will Humberto & Fernando Campana be discussing their new exhibition with editor and girl about town Tali Jaffe?  More importantly, which one of the gallerists will end up at Twist after 🙂


GOSSIP #2:  The always stylish Interview Mag will be hosting 2 private shindigs, respectively at the Webster and the Soho Beach House.  The first is in collaboration with Valentino, think Sunset Cocktails and the most fashionable crowd in town, and Johnny Boy hears that you'll get a first glance at some of the new collection with some treats in store.  

PART DEUX:  The second soiree will be the following night with AMFAR, the 'Inspiration Miami Beach Party' hosted by the likes of Joseph Altuzarra, Fabien Baron, Klaus Biesenbach, Chloe Sevigny, Michelle and Jason Rubell, and FAV editor / author of Johnny Boy's, the dapper Mr. Christopher Bollen. This is def a worthwhile cause with a silent auction presented by TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art, and a special DJ set by Solange Knowles.


GOSSIP #3:  Only Chanel, and I emphasize, ONLY CHANEL, could convince 2 competing companies, online art ventures Paddle 8 and Art.sy to host a dinner first (Paddle 8), then a BBQ after (Art.sy), on the same night, one immediately following the other (Kudos to Paddle 8 for being first in line for the train), at the same Fuc*ing place, i'm serious!!!  Yes ladies and gentleman, that's like asking your boyfriend to f*ck you right after your husband did, in the same bed.  All hail the almighty Chanel, and goddamn, Johnny Boy needs to learn those tricks (Call Me Please)

BONUS GOSSIP:  Many of you may be asking where Le Baron will be this year, well the answer is:  NOT FDR. This year, Le Baron, as they are always ingenious, has chosen to create a traveling club which will become alive at a different location every night.  The address will be kept secret until 6PM every evening and released via the iphone app "Where is Le Baron?" in addition to their website, twitter, and faceboook.

You can also find them at the Free Spirit Bar which will act as the unofficial team headquarters from 8PM - 10PM to find out the new location.  They're even offering a free shuttle service for guests from 11PM - 5AM from Free Spirit Bar and the location, how fuc*ing cool?  If your asking "Who is going into FDR this year", it's Silencio, David Lynch's private member's club from Paris...not that exciting in Johnny Boy's opinion.