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Art Basel Miami Beach is THE must attend art fair for serious collectors, fashionista's, design freaks, and everyone in between.  There are about as many parties as there is artwork:  some super fun...some super not...but it always promises to be a time to remember.  Johnny Boy will be bringing you gossip directly about ABMB 2012 from his spies: who's coming down...the must attend parties...the interesting collaborations, etc.

Gossip #1:  Terry Richardson, uber dirty photographer (above), is debuting his newest book Terrywood during ABMB.  I hear he is scouting locations around town and teaming up with West Coast Cool OHWOW Gallery (formerly Miami) to throw a super duper book signing with private after-party + TBD live performance.  Johnny Boy has already heard who will be performing...and you all will want to definitely go, but won't release any more information until his spies confirm.

Photo Credits:  Prada

Gossip #2:  Prada, probably the only luxury brand that has NOT come down and held an event / dinner during ABMB yet, is planning a pop up shop during the month, opening with a super posh dinner (Think Pringle of Scotland + Christian Dior from ABMB 2011).  Locations in the Design District have been scouted, but Johnny Boy has learnt they are looking on Miami Beach also. More to come about this one as details unfold...apparently the team is in town now.

Stay Tuned for ABMB 2012 Gossip as it unravels!