Photo Credits:  Tommy Ton

Stylish men are few and far between.  What I mean to say is that men by nature seem to dress exactly like their 'bros' (straight) / 'girlfriends' (gay) or what is featured in the pages of GQ or L'Uomo Vogue, head to toe.  There is by no means anything wrong with that, as they tend to look handsome and well put together...but this does not create a sense of style.  

Enter men like Mr. James Dean Deeny, the Attaché de Presse Worldwide for Dries Van Noten.  The first time we met was at a mutual friend's b'day party in Paris.  I had just moved to Paris and was going out to meet English speaking people... and there was James.  We chatted, hung out, and from that day on, my nickname for him was "Irish Boy".  He tends to skew towards t-shirts and jeans, but when he dresses up he looks impeccable, silently flawless.  Men should take note:  style exudes a casual confidence, and James portrays it perfectly.  He is seen here heading to the Dior Homme show wearing a DVN jacket, of course.