My love of colors is apparent in my SSA + SCA posts, and SSA #2 - Jude - is wearing his signature multi-colored hat...which reminded me of Giovanna Battaglia wearing House of Holland in Miami Beach: an absolute vision.  Gio is a superstar stylist, W editor, and Italian beauty.  The first time we met was in Italy and I instantly fell in love with her direct approach and laughter.  These days as both of us are living in the US, i get to see her more, well sort of as she is always on a plane.  To be clear also, she is not single but dating the wonderful, handsome, and charming Vlad...but i couldn't resist her in this colorful dress.

I remember when we were both going to Miami a couple of years ago from Paris and Milan respectively, I walked into the Air France Lounge (not knowing she was traveling there also) and saw her, both of us still hungover, but for some act of god, which i still have to figure out, she looked perfect to the "T", not a hair out of place.  I, on the other hand, was lucky enough to not lose my passport + carry-on.  So here's to the perfectly dressed Italian woman, whom i still believe made a deal with the devil to look 'oh so chic'.  Bravissima!!