Johnny Boy is sooooooo excited for this party, almost all of my favorite people and places are taking part in it, all for Societe Perrier's 14th month anniversary, the place I go to to check out everything hip and fun. They have decided to celebrate it at the Standard Spa's Playlist Party this Sunday, September 23rd at 8pm, with guest selectors including hip couple Nina Johnson Milewski and Daniel Milewski, Jason Odio, Arielle Castillo, Tracy Block and Miss Fabulous herself Eunique Fowler.  No party is complete without delicious drinks, and thanks to Gabriel Orta, one half of Bar Lab, Miami's favorite mixology duo, you will be sure to leave wondering where your shirt and shoes went! RSVP here and don't forget to use all your social media outlets before and during the party...maybe you'll see yourself on Societe Perrier:

Twitter: @SPerrier_USA / @StandardMiami / #SPerrier14months

Instagram:  @societeperrierus / @standard / #SPerrier14months