fountainheadImage courtesy of MOMO

A must-see this weekend is the Residential Properties Show Opening at one of my Fav Art Couple’s (Hey Kathryn and Dan 🙂 ) Fountainhead Residency on Sunday, September 13th from 3PM – 7PM at 690 NE 56th Street (Morningside).  Residential Properties, curated by artist Felice Grodinis a site specific installation that explores the shifts in living spaces within an artist in residency home.  The artists taking part in this experiment run the gamut of disciplinary backgrounds including visual artists, industrial designers, architects, filmmakers, web designers, and writers.  

Residential Properties will generate a positive entanglement between creative disciplines, between The Fountainhead Residency and its surrounding neighborhoods, and between local and global definitions of “dwelling.” The exhibition will widen and deepen critical conversations within the local community about what is possible within the borders of our homes, and will invite viewers to reconsider the nature of these borders.

Participants of Residential Properties include artist, curator and educator AdrienneRose Gionta (Ft. Lauderdale); filmmaker Barron Sherer (Miami); artist Bhakti Baxter (Miami); design collaborative BYO-lab (Noel Palacios, Andrea Perelli, Chris Mejia, Miami); visual artist and educator Carter Johnson (New York); artist collaborative Trombly Rodriguez (Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova + Frances Trombly, Miami); visual artist Ernesto Oroza (Aventura); visual artist Felecia Chizuko Carlisle (Miami); Design Principal and Assistant Professor of Architecture at Florida International University (Nick Gelpi, Miami) of Gelpi Projects; visual artist George Sanchez-Calderon (Miami); multidisciplinary design studio and workshop LMNOQ (Laz Ojalde, Miami); creative director (Juan Azulay, Miami and Los Angeles) of MTTR MGMT; visual artist Samantha Salzinger (Ft. Lauderdale); visual artists Angela Valella and Marcos Valella, (Miami).