OK, i know I've been lax in posting, and I wanna say it's cause of New York Fashion Week, but alas, Johnny Boy has stayed in Miami enjoying the sun and my new car 🙂  Details will come this week on the new drive and my choice.  But to keep up to date on all happenings at NYFW, I've been listening to Radio Garage, the ingenious idea from the lovely Dasha Zhukova and GARAGE magazine team.

Radio Garage NYFW is live from Le Baron - Chinatown between 4pm - 7pm on Garagemag.com  Super cool Sara Nataf is hosting friends and guests to stop by to hear the latest happenings / gossips / slaps.  At 11pm, you can hear the tunes directly streamed from Le Baron - Chinatown from their DJ Booth, the perfect way to stay in touch with NYFW while sipping cocktails on the beach, and listening to banging music.  It will be live until September 13th, so tune in soon!  For all the latest updates on who's dropping by, make sure to follow @garage_magazine on Twitter