image courtesy of dshorty / flickr

Happy New Year all my loyal readers, I hope that everyone has a year full of happiness, prosperity and love. What better way to celebrate the beginning of 2013 then with a beautiful meteor shower?  Between midnight and dawn on Thursday, January 3rd you'll be able to catch the Quadrantid Meteor Shower, the first one of the year.  

Many of you have probably never seen it because it has a very small window, just a couple of hours, and is best seen in the Northern Hemisphere, in a moonless sky (which isn't the case this year).  To my neighbors to the north, go out and get some sleeping bags, popcorn, and build a fire.  Stay awake looking at the sky tonight, i'd love to see some photos as I won't be able to view it down south. I've attached a map below of the best viewing points (in the dark).  ENJOY!!!