Poetry Pops



O Miami is coming back from April 1st – 30th with a great program of events as usual, but Johnny Boy’s favorite initiative is the Poetry Pops.  Hundreds of poems will be distributed FREE on frozen Mango & Strawberry Poetry Pops all during the month of April while O, Miami Poetry Festival is happening.  You can tap your inner “Poet” and submit yours by emailing Randy Burman at me@randyburman.com this FORM.  Hurry up though, submission deadline is this Friday, March 13th.

Here are the guidelines:

Keep poems short, 12 words or so. Use the sample as a guide for how many words will fit. Poems do not necessarily have to refer to frozen treats.

Actual poem area is 1 3/4” x 3”. Selected poems and poets’ names will be printed on the wrapper of Poetry Pops and distributed at O, Miami events.

Poets of selected poems will be notified on March 16, 2015.