It's official, the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)is finally HERE 🙂  Well, it's not officially open yet, that will debut during Art Basel in Miami Beach 2013, but with the closing of the MAM, the name switch is official.  What better way to celebrate that then with a party thrown by the PAMM Contemporaries, hosted by some of Johnny Boy's favorite peeps:  Daniela Frewa, Ginger Harris, Alex Horn, Zubin Nagpal, Diana Nawl, and Aileen Quintina, along with a special DJ Set by Los Jaichackers, the Phoenix-and Los Angeles-based multimedia art collaborative.

The party, aptly titled the PAMM Friendraiser, is by invitation only to NEW PAMM Contemporaries members or CURRENT PAMM Contemporaries that REFER a new member.  Click HERE to join and snag an invite to the Belvedere Vodka fueled party this Thursday, June 27th, from 7-10PM on the Mud Dock of the Standard Spa (40 Island Avenue).  Johnny Boy hears there's going to be a super duper cool surprise in store by the Los Jaichackers, who will be capturing film and audio for a performance that will debut at PAMM's opening in December.

St Miami_MudLoungeNight(Regan)