Only god forgives


Johnny Boy cannot wait to see Only God Forgives with Mr. Hottie himself, Ryan Gosling.  The film debuted in Cannes to split reviews, some people walking out, and some people giving it a standing ovation at the end...this is my type of movie.  The basic premise is that Mr. Hottie's brother gets killed and his mommy dearest, the stunning but scary Kristin Scott Thomas, demands revenge for the death.  There's alot of other things going on, but I am only concerned with how many shirtless scenes there will be with you know who 🙂 

The USA Theatrical Premiere Engagement is tomorrow, Friday, July 19th at 7pm and 9pm at the Miami Beach Cinematheque.  You can purchase tickets for the 7pm HERE, and the 9pm HERE.  It runs until August 1st.  Check out the trailer below: