MIT Art Auction

It's officially hurricane season in Miami, and that means rain, gloomy weather, and humidity so high that sweating is second nature.  It also means that one of Johnny Boy's favorite organizations, Miami Independent Thinkers (MIT) will be holding their art show & auction.  If you don't know MIT, you DEF should: MIT's mission is to provide a sustainable support base for Miami’s creative community, including: painters, photographers, filmmakers, sculptors, animators, writers, musicians, performance and new media artists.

The party is tomorrow, Friday, June 7th from 7pm - midnight at 1035 North Miami Avenue (right next to the Corner Bar).  The auction features 50 works by artists including Annie Y. Saldaña, Ashley Elizabeth Craig, ATOMIK, Carla Fache, Christian Hogue, Claudio Picasso (CP1), Daniel Marosi, and Alexandra Snowden.  Bidding is from 7pm - 11pm and entry is FREE!  Say 'HOLA' to Kerry, Heather, Laraine, and Sara (the founders) when you go, without them this would have never happened.


Christian Hogue - Be Square Series #31

Christian Hogue – Be Square Series #31


Ashley Elizabeth Craig - Untitled (removed pictures)

Ashley Elizabeth Craig – untitled (removed pictures)


Carlos Fache - Broken Heart

Carla Fache – Broken Heart