I know you all are wondering What does Johnny Boy read when he's not watching Bad Girls Club?  Well I've decided to answer your question (refer to above photo) with a listing of the magazines I subscribe to and why:

  1. Bon Appétit - I love food and to feel bourgeois, so what better magazine to indulge in my inner bit#% while perusing through drool worthy photos.
  2. Details - This is the gayest fashion magazine ever, and the great thing is that they have every hot straight guy shirtless...and some articles i guess.
  3. Men’s Health – Surprisingly I read this for the articles and not for the buff guys.  Super interesting stories ranging from 'how to build that ironman chest' to 'new designers to watch'.
  4. Harper’s – Not Bazaar, the original one.  I subscribe to this so I can sound intelligent.  This one takes awhile to read (no good photos).
  5. Cooking Light – Cause sometimes you just feel fat and having this around makes me feel a couple of pounds lighter.
  6. Out – I felt as though I should support my peeps.
  7. US Weekly – Do I even need to give an explanation for this one? Just refer to the cover above.