Photo Credits:  World Red Eye

"Iran Iran Iran" is echoed through the hallways of fabulous homes, fabulous hotels, fabulous restaurants, and flat out fabulous places.  She is in one word: FABULOUS.  Ok, enough on mocking one of my favorite artists, but as you may know, without that word, Iran Iran just iran! (please note her name is always repeated 3 times, gradually louder, because she WILL ignore you)

Iran Issa Khan is one of those enigmas that you want need to know.  Charming, well mannered, eloquent...she is none of those 🙂  Crazy, talented, fabulous, and outspoken:  YES, she is after all an artist.  I've had the pleasure of knowing Iran for almost 10 years now, and every time I see her I fall more in love with her and her work. She is THE social photographer, shooting everyone from Oscar de la Renta, Iman, and the fabulous Fendi + Ferragamo families...but more importantly, she is a fabulous art photographer capturing the beauty + sensuality of nature.  

If you want to see her fabulous work, her first publication, obviously self titled "Iran Issa Khan", is available, and the first in a series for her.  Even the fabulous Zaha Hadid wrote her foreword.  Or pick up a copy of Ocean Drive Magazine and check out her fabulous 'Social Studies' section. Simply Fabulous

Side Note:  Fabulous Word Count @ 12