har gau - steamed shrimp dumplings

Johnny Boy has decided its time to decipher Dim Sum, or Diǎnxīn (点心) to all the novices out there 🙂 If you've never been, you should add it to your bucket list.  Imagine dim sum as the original godfather to the bu*lsh*t tiny plate restaurants that have seemingly popped up everywhere.  I have decided to compile a list of my favorite dishes, the first being Har Gau (image above), better known to Americans as steamed shrimp dumplings. They have a wheat starch skin that's cut with tapioca, then stuffed with shrimp, and flavored with pork, scallions, and bamboo shoots.

Siu Mai - Pork or Shrimp Dumpling Sui Mai, an open topped steamed pork or shrimp dumpling made out of wheat flour.  They sometimes come topped with fish roe, grated carrot, or a pea.


Jiu Cai Bau - Chive Dumpling Jiu Cai Bau are my FAVORITE!!!!  These fried chive dumplings are made with wheat starch skin, then stuffed with chives and pork, then pan-fried to give it that delicious crisp on top. YUM!


Cheong Fan - Rolled Rice Noodles Cheong Fan, better known as steamed, rolled rice noodles that come filled with beef, shrimp, or pork, and topped with a sweet soy sauce.


Ngao Yuk Kau - Meatballs

Ngao Yuk, simply put, they're the softest meatballs you'll taste, served on simmered tofu skin and topped with Worcestershire sauce, a definite MUST TRY!


Pei Guen - Steamde Tofu Skin Roll

Pei Guen are steamed tofu skin rolls, stuffed with shrimp, chicken or pork.  They also come fried.

Check back tomorrow for "Dim Sum Deciphered (Parte Dos)" for non dumpling / adventurous dishes to order.