Lo Baak Gou - Turnip Cake

Oh let me count the ways I love my Lo Bak Gou, I mean i seriously sometimes dream about these turnip cakes. But DO NOT make the mistake and order the darker version of this made out of taro, that tastes like a chalky mess.  My favorite is essentially shredded daikon radishes mixed with rice flour and chinese sausage and shrimp, before being pressed into cakes and pan fried.


Lo Mai Gai - Steamed Glutinous Rice

Some of the fondest memories from my childhood come from food, especially when my mother would sit in the garage with some of her girlfriends and make multiple quantites of Lo Mai Gai.  They are made by steaming sticky rice that is filled with chicken, mushrooms, chinese sausage, or pork, then wrapped in a lotus leaf.


Fung Zao - Fried Steamed Chicken Feet

For the super adventurous, Fung Zao is a must try.  They are essentially chicken feet that are fried, then stewed in this delicious black bean sauce. They have a chewy texture, but the flavor is incredible.  Though keep in mind there are bones you have to spit out, so don't just swallow 🙂


Pai Gwut - Steamed Ribs

Delicious tiny steamed ribs, or Pai Gwutare small sections of a pork rib that is steamed with fermented soy beans until their butter soft.


Cha Siu Bao - BBQ Pork Stuffed Buns

Cha Siu Bao definitely don't need any explanation or introduction.  BBQ Pork stuffed in a deliciously fluffy bun, the perfect blend of savory and sweet.


Daan Taat - Egg Custard Tart

Last but not least is the only dessert i eat, Daan Taat.  They are the classic Hong Kong style egg tart with a buttery crispy crust.  The perfect way to end any Dim Sum meal.  ENJOY!

Here are my recommendations for dim sum in South Florida (Yes I know I left off Tropical Chinese, but I haven't been impressed the past 6 months, so I can't recommend it currently):

South Garden - 10855 SW 72nd Street, Miami FL 33173 / (305) 274-9099 / www.southgardenrestaurant.com

Kon Chau - 8376 Bird Road, Miami, FL 33155 / (305) 553-7799 / www.konchauchinese.com

Toa Toa - 4145 NW 88th Avenue, Sunrise, FL 33351 / (954) 746-8833 / www.toatoachineserestaurant.com