Bookleggers, the ingenious mobile community library is back at it again, this time setting up camp at The Broken Shaker at Freehand Miami on Thursday, January 24th from 7pm - 11pm.  David Gonzalez & Nathaniel Sandler created the project to bring together literary minds in Miami to talk, share, give and learn.

There is no entrance fee to come to the pop-up library AND there will be special $10 Hemingway Cocktails to get you in the mood.  Below you'll find the rules according to Bookleggers, so don't forget to bring a book and come early to get the best pickings:

1. Here's the deal. You show up, and you get a free book. You bring a book, and you can trade with us and get a free book. For a "donation" fee, any book can be made to take a long vacation. 2. We’re only after the good stuff so bring us your hardcovers and your paperbacks, your short story collections, your books of poems, your books about horses and time travel, famous people and ice cream.

3. Don’t try and stiff us. No text books, magazines, journals of any kind, dictionaries or encyclopedias, price guides, high school yearbooks, instruction manuals, coloring books, restaurant menus, or notes cribbed on napkins.4. Whatever you do, don’t tell anyone about @Bookleggers, except for your friends and your family, your pet, the internet and, most importantly, anyone you know who loves books.