Yayoi Kusama

Johnny Boy has always loved the merging of Art and Fashion, and more importantly, when brands bring them to the masses.  My two all time FAVORITE collaborations are Yayoi Kusama Louis Vuitton (above) and Merce Cunningham x Comme des Garcons (below)

Merce Cunningham


But you don't have to be an internationally recognized brand to do it right.  In my own backyard (Miami), there's a brand that I've been watching since it started doing limited edition shoes, and most recently, have just gotten it right. Del Toro came onto the scene in 2005 as a luxury lifestyle brand, originally focusing on men's.  Now they produce shoes and accessories for both men and women, and are on their fourth artist collaboration.  I first was impressed by their partnership with Typoe and his graffiti inspired wingtips (image below)

Typoe x del toroimage courtesy of World Red Eye

Now they are getting ready to debut the Del Toro x Johnny Robles collaboration with a private opening at the Del Toro Boutique in Wynwood this Saturday, June 29th.  The opening coincides with the redesign of the boutique and Robles "Macaw Camo" print will be worked into the redesign. Johnny Robles designed a slipper with natural sole (image below) and a chukka with white sole that exudes a look of the shoe melting into drops of vibrant colors.  One can only hope that Del Toro keeps up with these great collaborations.

del toro x johnny robles