Image of Phoebe Washburn’s Condiment Box For Hippies Eating Burgers By The Sea (Gatorade Not Included)

 available on

If you haven't heard of Art.sythen you must discover it ASAP. Johnny Boy loves his art and brings it directly into his home.  Whether you are an avid collector, someone interested in art, an artist, or just wanting to look at pretty things, then this is the place to be. is in "Private Beta" mode right now, which means the site is under development, but you can click here to request an invite...Johnny Boy was lucky enough to receive an invitation and almost jumped at joy when he read the email.

To break it down, connects viewers with artists and galleries to purchase and view art, using the "genome" technology created by super cool music site Pandora.  The more you click on things you like, the better it recognizes the artwork you enjoy and shows you similar works of art...I mean, simply genius.  The fact that it's backed by super collectors Dasha Zhukova and Wendi Murdoch promises that will always feature new artists and the 'best of the best'

The piece shown at the beginning of the post is by one of my favorite artists, Phoebe Washburn, which is available on the website for $4000 right now. I was super excited to come across this piece as I recently acquired a similar piece (image below) by her at a Sotheby's auction:

Image of Phoebe Washburn’s Condiment Box For Hippies Eating Eggrolls By The Sea (Gatorade Not Included)

 available by visiting Johnny Boy in his home

I may have to purchase the "Burgers" one to accompany my "Eggrolls".  My spies also tell me that she will be having a solo show during Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 at Locust Projects.  Stay tuned for more info!!!