Photo Credits:  Andrew Jameson

Photo Credits:  LTU

Photo Credits:  LTU

Modernist design has been in my dreams since my childhood days.  Growing up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan I was surrounded by the best in Modernism, from Ludwig Mies van der RoheEero Saarinen, and Frank Lloyd Wright (shown above).  They each respectively designed some of the most important buildings in the Detroit metropolitan area, respectively the Lafayette Towers (Mies), Saarinen House at the Cranbrook Academy of Art (Saarinen), and my featured post today, the Affleck house (Wright).

The Affleck House was the first Frank Lloyd Wright home built in the Detroit metropolitan area for Gregor S. and Elizabeth B. Affleck in 1941...a perfect example of his Usonian Style.  What I love about this home is that he took into account the natural surroundings in the area and built the home as an extension of nature.  The most spectacular point about this home is that Wright built it actually as a low-cost housing alternative for average Americans.  

Could you imagine if all affordable housing looked like this?  Can you imagine if Johnny Boy lived in this home and didn't invite you over for dinner, but instead made you stand outside so you can look through the windows and drool in envy...I would never do that of course, cause if you stood outside you'd be blocking my view, and i'd have to call the PO-PO on your as$ 🙂

If you happen to be in Bloomfield Hills, you can visit the Affleck House as it was graciously donated by the family to Lawrence Tech University where you can schedule a tour.