Little Haiti Country Club


A Must-See exhibition recommended by little ol’ me is the Little Haiti Country Club, located in a former church in Little Haiti.  The exhibition celebrates the artist community in Miami, and their longstanding relationship within Little Haiti.  I suggest you pop on by and check out the works of these 30 talented artists, as they only had roughly two weeks to create their pieces.  The lineup of artists chosen to take part include some of the most talented names in Miami such as Agustina Woodgate, Bhakti Baxter, Emmett Moore, Michael Vasquez, and Johnny Laderer, amongst others.  The only missing artists that Johnny Boy would have loved to see part of the exhibition are Colombian sculptor Federico Uribe and Argentinean sculptor Carolina Sardi, since they both have had their studios in the center of Little Haiti for over a decade.

The exhibition runs through Friday, August 22nd and is located at 8267 NE 2nd Avenue, open Tuesday – Saturday from 12pm – 5pm.