Pig Roast

Johnny Boy has noticed this year that in lieu of proper dinners, some incredible brands are opting to go for the more casual family style BBQ setup. Chanel held a BBQ for art.sy last ABMB at the Soho Beach House, and this year more luxury brands are following suit.  Below you'll find my picks for the best BBQ people watching and food devouring this year (DISCLAIMER: YOU WON'T FIND RSVP OR DATE INFORMATION BELOW ON THE INVITES THANKS TO MY IMPROVED PHOTOSHOP SKILLS THIS YEAR 🙂 THEY ARE ALL PRIVATE FUNCTIONS)

Cultured Dinner Invite

ABMB BBQ #1:  Cultured Magazine's Annual Design Dinner, with Gallery Seomi and R20th Century is always a fun time.  This is taking place at a private home, complete with a La Caja China Pig Roast.  You're probably wondering what the f*^k is a Caja China?  You're obviously not from Miami cause everyone knows it's an outdoor roasting oven that uses coal placed above the meat for cooking. The meat goes inside the box on a rack, and the coal goes above it, on a metal shelf.  One wonders if a famous designer designed the Caja China?


LV Beach BBQ

ABMB BBQ #2:  Louis Vuitton is throwing a daytime Beachside BBQ at their La Maison au bord de l'eau, the incredible satellite exhibition they have commissioned as a tribute to Charlotte Perriand.  With FAB hosts such as Johnny Boy's favorite Frenchie Alexia Niedzielski and her godfather / uber collector Jean Pigozzi, you know the guestlist will be A-list and Beautiful.


Faena Lunch

ABMB BBQ #3:  Only an Argentine that is Alan Faena can send an invitation for a BBQ and make it look nicer then almost every wedding invitation i've received.  He's not content with just having any ol' BBQ! No Ma'am!!! Mr. Faena is throwing an Argentine Asado, a wonderful celebration of meat and flame. Johnny Boy can just taste the meat in his mouth 🙂 Imagine if this is the invitation for his Asado, what will the invitation for the Faena Miami Beach look like when it officially opens? 

Bonus BBQ (Awaiting to get my hands on the invite):  Johnny Boy hears that the Lazy Sunday BBQ at the Standard Spa will be back in full effect, with Paris's first concept store and overall fashion powerhouse Colette, Miami's own retail concept Alchemist, and graffiti artist and all around bon vivant André Saraiva hosting.  This will be THE closing party for Basel like it is every year!