Gossip #1:  Johnny Boy has been investigating this rumour for awhile now and now has been getting some confirmations that the old Playboy Club on Collins Avenue is being brought back to life for Art Basel this year.  Details are trickling in slowly, but I hear most importantly that Lenny Kravitz and Lady Gaga will be hosting nights there.  Yep, those Lady Gaga rumours around town are all tying together now, think her BORN THIS WAY foundation.  Stay tuned if this is actually happening or just ABMB Gossip 🙂  (DISCLAIMER:  THE PLAYBOY CLUB ON COLLINS WAS NEVER ACTUALLY AN OFFICIAL PLAYBOY CLUB, BUT WAS LOCATED INSIDE THE PLAYBOY PLAZA HOTEL AND HAD A "PENTHOUSE SHOWROOM" THAT MANY REFERRED TO AS THE "CLUB."  THE OFFICIAL PLAYBOY CLUB IN MIAMI WAS LOCATED AT 7701 BISCAYNE BLVD.)



Gossip #2:  Silencio, the Parisian private club created by David Lynch is coming back this year. Instead of taking residence at FDR at the Delano like last year, they'll be doing a pop-up for one night ONLY!  Johnny Boy hears it will be in the Design District, immediately following another big bash I've already covered in the DD. Fashion victims and party crashers, GET READY!


Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 6.23.30 PM

Gossip #3:  And you are probably wondering what will be at FDR aka the Florida Room this year if Silencio or Le Baron won't be there.  Well here's your answer:  1 Oak, the super chic lounge from NYC is taking residency and my favorite DJ Jus Ske i'm sure will be spinning one night.


Chez Andre

Gossip #4:  Chez Andre is back for another 3 days to celebrate Basel.  Both Andre's know how to throw a party, so expect every celeb, scenester, social, and their hanger-oner's to be fighting at the door to get in.  Johnny Boy already knows where it'll be held and an after-party that will be THE place to be on Thursday night, but won't spill the beans until maybe next week 🙂