Colette x alchemist


Gossip #1:  The epitome of French chic concept stores, Colette, is coming down to Art Basel for the first time EVER!  They are teaming up with uber cool Miami concept store Alchemist with an ingenious idea that little ol' moi totally wish he had thought up. These two visionaries are bringing together art, design, fashion, and retail in the form of an old school midcentury drive thru.  This will be installed in the Carpark adjacent to Alchemist on the 5th floor of the Herzog & de Meuron designed 1111 Lincoln Road building. Johnny Boy hears that there will be a window where you order specially curated items from artists / designers such as Zaha Hadid, Daniel Arsham, Pharrell x Moncler, and two of my favorite artists, Julia Chiang and José Parlá (shameless plug since I own pieces from both) 🙂 After your order, you go around the drive-thru and wait for girls on roller skates to bring out your order.  I cannot wait to see this in person.  I also hear they are planning a closing party to celebrate the collaboration...more to come as details unfold.


Audemars Piguet Galerie Perrotin Kolkoz_Curiosity_Miami Marine Stadium_OriginalImage courtesy of Audemars Piguet

Gossip #2:  Luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet and Galerie Perrotin have partnered up to present a floating installation in front of the iconic Miami Marine Stadium by French artist duo Kolkoz. Benjamin and Samuel (Kolkoz) have created a snow covered chalet floating on top of an iceberg, titled "Curiosity". Various events will be taking place upon the installation, and Johnny Boy can't wait to see what it looks like on the inside. This is reminiscent of Luis Pons Inflatable Villa during Art Basel Miami Beach 2005. Johnny Boy hears that Pons will be creating a similar installation this year. 


Louis Vuitton Charlotte PerriandImage courtesy of WSJ

Gossip #3:  Louis Vuitton will be holding a daytime beachside BBQ at the Charlotte Perriand / La Maison au bord de l'eau.  The maison will be on the beach in front of the Raleigh Hotel, and no doubt be host to many other private events Johnny Boy is investigating.  You may remember that LV's inspiration for their travel collection was my favorite modernist french furniture designer, Ms. Perriand.  I cannot even imagine what this installation will look like 🙂