Luis Pons Paper Dreams

Must - See Installation #1:  The Standard Spa has commissioned one of Johnny Boy's favorite designer / artist, Luis Pons, to create a floating oasis in Biscayne Bay called Paper Dreams.  It is a 30 x 15 x 15 replica of the paper boats from our youth, celebrating Miami's natural constant - the water that weaves throughout it.  Pons' design encourages a dialogue about the connection between the natural and artificial worlds that exist in Miami, a city that's know for its beaches, bays, and canals. Paper Dreams will be floating all week off of the Standard, and apparently you may be able to go inside it, but I'm waiting for confirmation on that.



Must - See Installation #2:  Friends with You is coming back to Miami Beach and setting up shop at the Mondrian Hotel with their installation Somewhere over the Rainbow presented by Paul Kasmin Gallery and Paper Magazine. The installation is a physical manifestation of the rainbow spectrum - transforming ideas and emotion into a colorful, translucent, toy-like inflatable world that will colorize the environment and its participants. Johnny Boy is expecting color, inflatables, and bright lights!!! It will be on view until January 15th, 2014.



Must - See Installation #3:  Jim Drain and Bhakti Baxter have created the most exclusive party for the Public Art Program.  The party is held at the Port of Miami, complete with red carpet, lush drapery, and lines of Cadillac Escalades awaiting their super VIP clients.  You should definitely try to get an invite for this party, since it's literally impossible to get into.  It will come to life December 3rd - 7th from 7PM - 10PM. Mockery is the best form of f*%k you! GENIUS!!!